Order not received after 5 business days

We would like to ask you to check the delivery address as a first step. If your address does not turn out to be correct, please send us an e-mail to info@tagme.ae clearly stating your order number and brief message regarding the issue of an incorrect address. We will then change the address and reship your products to the correct address. In our experience this can take up to 2 weeks.

It appears that about 5% of all orders are not delivered within 24 hours and are 'stuck' somewhere in the dispatch channel. Small proportions never even arrive. Unfortunately we cannot follow the delivery process as we send via regular mail which is not trackable. 

If your address details are correct, we ask you to send us an e-mail at info@tagme.ae clearly stating the order number and a brief message that you have not received anything after more than 5 working days. We will then be able to offer a suitable solution.

If you have any questions, please contact us.