Product fades

If you recently ordered labels and find that the text and icon are fading there could be a quality control issue or a usage issue. 

It could be down to using the labels on items that go under the highest setting of the dishwasher, steam sterilizer or are boiled in a pan. The quality can also be reduced if it is used on an uneven surface. If that’s the case, the labels can release colour and start to bubble. We regularly refer to this in product descriptions on the website and in the instructions sent with the labels.  

However it may be due to a drop in quality during our manufacture process. Normally we are very careful that the labels meet our standards, but they might have escaped quality control in this case.

Whatever the reason, we do believe our labels should be fading so quickly. Please send us an email to with the order number, a photo of the product and a message explaining that your labels have faded over a short period of time. We will then provide a suitable solution.

If you have any questions, please contact us.